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EMSella: The Safest Solution To Treat Bladder Incontinence

18th November 2023

Bladder Incontinence – How Emsella is the safest and most cost effective option vs surgery.

bladder incontinence

Bladder incontinence can be a real challenge for both men and women. It can affect people of all ages but is more common in the elderly. The lack of control over the bladder can lead to embarrassment, discomfort and can interfere with daily life. There are many potential treatments for urinary incontinence, including medications, pelvic floor exercises, and surgery.

However, these options may not always be effective or safe. Here at Lipo 360  we offer a painless and non surgical treatment to your bladder incontinence . EMSella, a non-invasive, electromagnetic treatment that can help you regain bladder control safely.

What is EMSella?
EMSella is a our non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology to stimulate pelvic muscles. This contraction leads to the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles resulting in improved bladder control. The treatment is delivered through a special chair that emits high-frequency electromagnetic energy, which stimulates targeted pelvic muscles directly. EMSella requires no surgery, no anaesthesia, and no downtime. EMSella is an FDA-approved treatment, meaning that it has been proven to be safe and effective in treating urinary incontinence.

Why is Lipo 360 EMSella the Safest Solution for bladder incontinence ?
Our EMSella treatment is considered one of the safest solutions for incontinence for several reasons. First, it is non-invasive, meaning that there are no incisions, injections or implants required. The fact that there is no surgery involved also reduces the potential for complications.

Additionally, since the treatment does not require any medication, there are no risks associated with adverse drug reactions. Furthermore, the treatment has been proven to be safe and effective in clinical studies, with no long-term side effects reported.

Who is a Candidate for EMSella?
EMSella is a safe and effective treatment for men and women who suffer from urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence can be caused by a variety of factors, including pregnancy, ageing and obesity. Many of our clients who have urinary urgency, stress incontinence or an overactive bladder benefit from the treatment. Notably, women who have undergone multiple childbirths and suffer from weakened pelvic floor muscles can also benefit from EMSella.

What are the Benefits of EMSella for bladder incontinence?
EMSella offers several benefits that make it an attractive treatment option for those suffering from urinary incontinence. Firstly, the treatment is non-invasive and does not require any downtime, meaning that patients can resume normal activities immediately following the treatment. Secondly, the treatment is painless, with patients experiencing little to no discomfort during the sessions.

The treatment can also improve self-esteem and reduce embarrassment related to urinary incontinence. Finally, the treatment offers long-lasting results, with patients reporting long-term improvement in bladder control.

Don’t live in silence treat your bladder incontinence  now and regain your freedom.

Urinary incontinence can have a significant impact on an individual’s life, but it does not have to be a life sentence. Many treatments are available, but not all are equally safe or effective. Lipo 360 EMSella is a non-invasive, painless, and safe treatment that can help you regain control of your bladder. With minimal downtime and long-lasting results,

EMSella is an attractive treatment option for those who have experienced the debilitating effects of urinary incontinence. If you are struggling with urinary incontinence, we recommend that you consult with Lipo 360 treatment consultants today who can help you determine if EMSella is a suitable treatment for you

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