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Why Book A Consultation ?

Looking to have a aesthetics treatment done?
Do you have questions or concerns?
Our consultants can dedicate consultation times for you and your needs.

What You
Need To Know

Most Common Questions Answered

Our experts offer technical consultation as they are quite busy, it takes time for customers to express their requirements before we can verify them and have a thorough discussion about them.

However, the £15.00 is subtracted from the cost of the treatment if you make a reservation with us.

£15 for your virtual consult

Consultation is if you choose to proceed, the fee of £15.00 will be taken of your treatment.
We provide evening and weekend dates since we are highly adaptable.
The benefits, downsides, and alternative treatments will all be covered. Explain all our treatments are FDA Approved. expert consultation You will have ample opportunity to research therapy alternatives in a supportive, private environment.
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